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New Products In Stock!!!

May 7, 2020

Small order of some much needed supplies in


  • Kalmbach Publishing - Scale Auto June 2020, Fine Scale Modeler May 2020


  • Tamiya - TS41 Coral Blue, TS56 Brilliant Orange, TS57 Blue Violet, TS58 Pearl Light Blue, TS59 Pearl Light Red

Back In Stock

  • Bob Smith Industries - Thin, Medium, & Thick CA Glues, as well as Accelerator
  • Estes - B6-4 & C6-5 Engines
  • Evergreen -  #213 .100 Rod, #9008 Sheet Assortment pk
  • Tamiya - Plastic Scriber, TS3 Dark Yellow, TS8 Italian Red, TS14 Black, TS29 Semi-Gloss Black, TS44 Brilliant Blue, TS46 Light Sand, Tamiya Cement 20ml, Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Set Cement 40ml, 10mm Masking Tape w/Dispensor, 18mm Masking Tape w/Dispensor, 2mm Curve Masking Tape, 3mm Curve Masking Tape, Tamiya Putty, Tamiya White Putty
  • Testors - One Coat Diamond Dust, One Coat Blazing Black, Testors Tube Glue


April 25, 2020


  • Large number of kits added to the Previously Owned Section


March 20, 2020


  • Eduard - 1/72 Royal Model Spitfire Mk.IX Quattro Combo, 1/48 Mig-23BN, 1/48 L-39 Albatross Evolution, 1/48 Bristol F2B British Biplane, 1/48 SSW D.III German Biplane, 1/48 X-1 Mach Buster, 1/72 FW-190F8
  • Minicraft - 1/72 PB4Y-1 USN
  • Revell Germany - 1/32 Bo-105 Helicopter, 1/24 Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3
  • Revell USA - 1/48 Mil-Mi24D Hind Helicopter, 1/48 First Lunar Landing
  • Airfix - 1/48 Hawker Hunter F4/F5/J34, 1/72 Messerschmitt Me-262A2A
  • Tamiya - 1/24 Mazda MX-5 RF, 1/48 Russian T-55 Medium Tank, 1/35 US M8 Greyhound Patrol Set, Tamiya Masking Tape w/ Plastic Sheeting 150mm
  • Salvinos JR Models - 1/25 1974 Junior Johnson/Cale Yarborough #11 Kar Kare Chevy Monte Carlo
  • MPC - 1/25 1976 Dodge Dart
  • AMT - 1/25 1969 Plymouth GTX Pro Street, 1/25 Coca-Cola 1976 GMC General, 1/24 Freightliner FLC
  • Ryefield Models - 1/35 British Sherman VC Firefly, 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf J Late Production 2n1

Back In Stock

  • AMT/MPC - 1/25 Ford C600 Hostess Truck, 1/25 1977 Ford Delivery Van Coca-Cola
  • Molotow - 1mm & 2mm Chrome Pens
  • Moebius - 1/25 1965 AF/X Plymouth Golden Commandos, 1/25 Dyno Don Nicolson's 1965 A/FX Mercury Comet
  • Revell USA - 1/25 Peterbilt 359, 1/24 1970 Dodge Challenger, 1/25 1969 Boss 302 Mustang, 1/25 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 2n1, 1/24 GMC Pickup w/Plow
  • Tamiya - 1/35 US M3 Stuart Late Production, 1/35 German Marder IIIM Tank Destroyer Normandy Front
  • Zvezda - 1/35 Russian Bumerang 8X8 APC
  • Small Shop - 4" Hold N Fold PE Bender, 5.5" Hold N Fold PE Bender
  • Hobby Boss - 1/35 Canadian Leopard 2A4M, 1/35 Canadian Leopard 2A6M
  • Trumpeter - 1/35 Canadian LAVIII


March 3, 2020


  • Kalmbach Publishing - Scale Auto April 2020, Fine Scale Modeler April 2020
  • AFV Publications - AFV Modeller #110 Jan/Feb 2020, AIR Modeller #88 Feb/Mar 2020
  • SAM Publications - Scale Military Modeller International Jan 2020, Scale Aviation Modeller International Jan 2020

Monthly Specials For May

1966 Ford Thunderbird Lowrider Car
1966 Ford Thunderbird Lowrider Car
$59.75  $40.00
Save: 33% off
Russian Yak130 Aerobatic Aircraft
Russian Yak130 Aerobatic Aircraft
$42.00  $28.00
Save: 33% off
Jaguar XJ-S TWR 2-Door Sports Car
Jaguar XJ-S TWR 2-Door Sports Car
$68.00  $45.25
Save: 33% off
MiG29 Swifts Aerobactic Team Aircraft
MiG29 Swifts Aerobactic Team Aircraft
$48.25  $32.25
Save: 33% off
Russian GAZ 233014 Tiger Armored Vehicle
Russian GAZ 233014 Tiger Armored Vehicle
$53.25  $35.50
Save: 33% off
MiG23BN Fighter
MiG23BN Fighter
$143.25  $98.75
Save: 31% off
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