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Tamiya Putty Tamiya

Tamiya Putty

Tamiya Putty 32g Tube Tamiya Basic Type Putty is used for filling in seams when assembling plastic model kits or RC models that use ABS or styrene...


Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer 40ml Tamiya

Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer 40ml

Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer 40ml

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Tamiya White Putty Tamiya

Tamiya White Putty

Tamiya White Putty 32g Tube Easy to paint white formula hobby and model putty. Useful for filling holes and seam lines, this versatile putty can be...


Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey Milliput

Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey

Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey Standard 2-part epoxy putty, consists of 2 x 56.7gm (2 oz) sticks. Long shelf life (approximately 2 years if stored in...


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