1/5000 Star Wars A New Hope: Star Destroyer LED Lighted

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Bandai 1/5000 Star Wars A New Hope: Star Destroyer LED Lighted w/in-scale Millennium Falcon & Blockade Runner (First Production Ltd Edition)

The wedged shaped Imperial Star Destroyer is a capital ship bristling with weapons emplacements. Turbo lasers and tractor beam projecters dot its surface. Its belly hangar bay can launch Tie Fighters, boarding craft, land assault units, hyper space probes, or be used to hold captured craft. In the days of the Empire, its bustling bridge would be staffed by the finest crews in the Imperial fleet. The presense in a system mark matters of extreme Imperial importance. Though, as is typical of the Empire, not even the Star Destroyer was enough to sate the Imperial hunger for displays of power. Larger vessels such as the Super Star Destoryer, dwarf even these giants.

  • LED - The 12 LED and an innumerable amount of 0.4mm holes opened in the walls, recreate the glowing lights on each section of the ship
  • Various modeling technologies have allowed for both highly defined details and simple assembly
  • A massive model that pursues the overwhelming presence portrayed in the series through details with an astounding amount of information to enable a faithful recreation and the light from the LEDs placed on key points.
  • The commentaries of the actual shooting model by Seiji Takahashi are included in the instruction manual
  • A Millenium Falcon and Blockade Runner of the same scale are also included. A stand to display them along side the Star Destroyer is included
  • Clear exterior parts to further enhance the enjoyment of the LED light up displays are additionally included
  • A special booklet introducing an example piece using the clear exterior parts by professional modeler Dorobou Hige is included 

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