M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I / TUSK II / M1A1 TUSK (3 in 1)

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Ryefield Model 1/35 M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I / TUSK II / M1A1 TUSK (3 in 1)

- The Abrams, which is praised as one of the strongest in history tanks, but originally it is designed to long distance Hosen ability to ambush a large armored forces of the Soviet Union in Germany plains has been top priority.
- In an asymmetric war that you experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, mine who diverted the booby traps and aerial bombs, and even such as RPG rocket that is driven from the street, large also had never almost issued a total loss vehicles in anti-tank combat Abrams damage has occurred.
- Has been developed as a measure to cope with this is TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) = tank urban survival improvement kit.
- However, even it is not enough TUSK for use have been EFP IED (explosive forming penetrator body IED) in Iraq, is TUSK II development that was opposed to this, I have the TUSK until it was renamed the TUSK I .
- Abrams has already completed a new procurement, we are striving to improve performance by receiving updates on a regular basis.
- This time in is falling apart once at the factory, it will be updated to the latest equipment, some of them will also be included in small improvements, such as change of fender shape and grille pattern.
- Rather than all at once in the refurbishment program, because it is carried out in stages, battlefield has a mix of various Abrams also vehicles subjected to TUSK equipped with the latest type A2 A1 rather SEP exists.
- In this kit, a change in the details with these refurbishment has been faithfully reproduced, in addition that can be selected with the body also M1A1 and M1A2 SEP, is a luxurious kit can also be selected TUSK I / TUSK II.
- It is composed of a clean mold was Rye field seems catchy, and finished in the reproduced good kit the very best brave figure of Abrams.

- The kit in a completely new mold urban warfare corresponding type of Abrams!
- 3in1 kit to choose from three options
- Faithfully reproduces the differences between the M1A1 and M1A2SEP
- Track pin of the side was also beautifully reproduced consolidated moveable track
- Right man in the right place of the etched parts

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