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New Items Available to Order - Nov 11 - Nov 15

Monday, November 11, 2019

AMT 1/25 Ford C600 Tilt Cab Stake Bed Truck w/Coca-Cola Machines

1/25 scale, skill 3, paint and cement required
Molded in white, the truck modeler’s choice
Includes TWO 1/25 scale 1970's Coke vending machines
Tilting cab and full detail throughout
Authentic Coca-Cola decals for both truck and vending machines
Collectible AMT/Coca-Cola illustrated packaging

Bandai - Star Wars: First Order Tie Fighter Set (2 Snap Kits)

Bandai - Star Wars: Y-Wing Starfighter (Snap)

Bandai 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #040 MS06 Zaku II

Bandai 1/144 HG Cosmic Era Gundam Seed Series: #171 GATX105 + AQM/EX01 Aile Strike Gundam

Bowser Trains HO R-T-R H21a 4-Bay Hopper Pennsylvania Keystone Black #923805

Bowser Trains HO R-T-R H22 4-Bay Hopper Pennsylvania Circle Keystone #406122

Bowser Trains HO R-T-R H22a 4-Bay Hopper Pennsylvania Circle Keystone #412350

Bowser Trains HO R-T-R 55-Ton Fishbelly Hopper Baltimore & Ohio #3147

Bowser Trains HO R-T-R 55-Ton Fishbelly Hopper Chesapeake & Ohio #300406

Bowser Trains HO R-T-R 70-Ton Offset Hopper Nickel Plate Road #80302

Gofer Racing 1/24-1/25 Photo-Etch Battery Detail Set w/Cable Wire Red & Black

Gofer Racing 1/24-1/25 Photo-Etch Battery Detail Set w/Cable Wire Black

Gofer Racing 1/24 Land Rover Fire Truck

The  Land Rover was certainly one of the most famous symbols of "Made in England" automobile production  and is  a real milestone in the history of off-road vehicles. It was born immediately after the war, with the first prototypes realized on 1947. It has been  characterized by the 4x4 traction system and by a  robust and reliable design able to tackle the most difficult and challenging trails.  The aluminium body provide lightness  but, at the same time, more resistance against corrosions and more durable in time. In 1971, when the III Series was introduced, more than 1,000,000 of Land Rovers has been produced. Available in two versions: the "standard " one and  the  "long wheel base". Thanks to its extraordinary versatility was used in both military and civilian duties. Interesting the versions realized for the Fire Departments and made with the firefighting equipment.

Trumpeter 1/35 MAZ537G Late Production Tank Transporter w/ChMZAP9990 Semi-Trailer

The first prototypes of the MAZ-537 were built in 1958 and series production was launched in 1960. The new vehicle incorporated an engine developing 525hp at 2100rpm-a very high figure for that time, evev armoured vehicle and tanks had ofer fewer hp-and many significant changes in the fuel supply, cooling system and lubrication which made a complete redsign of the engine compartment covers and louvers necessary. Nearly all components of the frame and chassis were reinforced as well increasing the total weight to 21.6tons (total gross weight 87tons) allowing a load of up to 50 tons to be towed.
The first series of the MAZ-537 remained in production in Minsk until 1964 before it was shifted to Kurgan Factory as was done with the MAZ-535 before.
>  Detailed multi-directional slide-molded cab.
>  Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential  housing and suspension units.
>  The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern

Trumpeter 1/35 Chinese PHL03 Multiple Launch Rocket System

The PHL03, also referred as the Type 03, multiple launch rocket system is a Chinese version of the Russian BM-30 Smerch. It was developed by NORINCO and reportedly entered service with the Chinese army in 2004 - 2005.  Currently it is one of the most powerful artillery rocket systems in the world. The PHL03 is also being proposed for the export customers as the AR2. It is in service withMorocco(one battalion with 36 units).
The PHL03 retains the original Russian configuration with 12 tubes for 300-mm rockets. The standard rocket weights around 800 kg. Some sources claim that its maximum firing range is 150 km, however it is most likely to be up to 100 km.
The PHL03 is based on a Wanshan WS2400 8x8 special wheeled chassis. This military vehicle has good cross-country mobility. It is fitted with a central tyre pressure system, which can be adjusted on the move.
>  Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential  housing and suspension units.
>  The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
>  The windshield and side windows are made of clear prts.
>  Photo-etched parts

Trumpeter 1/35 Russian 5V28 Missile on 5P72 Launcher SAM5 Gammon Missile System

The NPO Almaz S-200 Angara , NATO reporting name SA-5 Gammon, is a very long range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile(SAM) system designed in the 1960s to defend large areas from bomber attack or other strategic aircraft. S-200V "Vega" (SA-5b), with the V-860PV/5V21P missile, introduced in 1970, range 250 km (155 mi), ceiling 29 km (95,000 ft).
The kit consists of over 370 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded  launch pad
>PE parts included

Trumpeter 1/35 Russian BREM1 Armored Recovery Vehicle

BREM-1 ARV to support the Soviet T-72 MBT developed.Its main role is to rescue the damaged tanks and other armored vehicles on the battlefield without a fixed repair and maintenance facility. The damaged vehicles under fire, or to help the crew on site maintenance.
BREM-1 based on T-72A MBT chassis, powered by a V-46 multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 780 hp. This ARV is operated by a crew of three. Equipped with pre dozer, 19 tons of cranes, the maximum lifting weight. Main winch traction to 25 tons, in the use of the pulley group can increase to 100 tons. Auxiliary winch traction to 530 kg. The maximum towing capacity of 50 tons.Hullof this ARV has the same level of protection as T-72 MBT. With a quite caliber 12.7 mm heavy machine guns,prepares the ball 840.
BREM-1 began production in 1984, and delivered a total of 342 vehicles in 1990.
The kit consists of over 1000 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded lower hull
>individual tracks
>photo etched parts included

Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Kent British Heavy Cruiser

HMS Kent is 1928 County built the Royal Navy heavy cruiser. Kent class is a subtype of County class cruisers first ship. Upon completion, the ship was sent to China. HMS Kent in late 1939 in the eastern Indian Ocean to participate in the hunt German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee of operations in early 1940 and then was re-assigned to the Indian army escort mission, she was transferred to the Mediterranean in mid-1940, but shortly after arriving was torpedoed, and then repair the year. After the repair has been carried out in service to the local fleet and intercept enemy fleet guarding tasks. The ship retired in 1946 until 1948 in Toulon shipyard dismantling sold.
-  the kit contains over 400 parts
-  the hull made from two-directional slide molds
-  Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-  Contains display stand
- photo etched parts included

Trumpeter 40cm Universal Fine Chain L Size 1.4mm x 2.3mm (2)

Trumpeter 40cm Universal Fine Chain M Size 1.0mm x 1.8mm (2)

Trumpeter 30cm Universal Fine Chain S Size 0.6mm x 1.0mm (2)

Trumpeter - Stainless T Ruler Small 4"

Trumpeter - Stainless T Ruler Large 6"


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

ADH Publishing - Model Military International Magazine Issue 163 November 2019

LT.vz by John Prigent; Tamiya 1:35 JGSDF LAV; Trumpeter + Paper Panzers E-75 by Pawel Rzymski; Dragon 1:35 M727; Andrea’s large-scale WWI Storm Trooper bust by Matt Wellhouser; Roden’s 1:35 scale Holt 75 Artillery Tractor by Steve Jones; Kamil Feliks Sztarbala builds OKB Grigorov’s 1:72 scale Chaffee; Italeri M6 GMC by Graham Tetley; Tamiya 1:35 P204(f); What’s new in the world of military modelling; Military and modelling in print; News and reviews of 1:72 and smaller releases; News and new releases; Accessories and conversions in 1:35 scale; Next Issue - What to look forward to next time; Last Post - The Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) on Castlemartin Ranges.

ADH Publishing - Military Illustrated Modeller Magazine Issue 103 November 2019

What’s happening in modelling and aviation; P-51D Mustang In Action and Close-Up; Wingsy 1:48 Ki-51 Sonia; Eduard 1:48 Chattanooga Choo Choo P-51D-5 by James Hatch; Revell 1:72 C-54 Thunderbirds; Tamiya 1:48 Lockheed P-38F/G Lightning by Brett Green
and Chris Wauchop; Kinetic 1:48 F-104G Starfighter; Revell 1:32 Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1/U-1 Night Fighter by Brett Green; Zoukei-Mura 1:32 Horton Ho 229 V6 by Leo Stevenson; Revell 1:72 Halifax by Brett Green; What’s coming up in the next issues of
Military Illustrated Modeller; Tail Piece - Exercise Cobra Warrior.

ADH Publishing - Tamiya Model Magazine Issue 289 November 2019

Superdetailing Tamiya’s 1:24 GAZOO Racing Toyota TS050; Tamiya’s beautifully designed and easy to assemble Jagdpanzer 38(t) gets ambush camouflage; Tamiya’s new 1:48 P-38 Lightning step-by-step; New kit and model product news; Tamiya’s 1:48 Panther Ausf.D;
New and recently issued modelling accessories; New full model kits; Del Boy and Rodney get a new ride and it’s a Ford Transit; Tamiya’s 1976 1:12 Porsche 934 Turbo; New and recent books related to scale modelling; Where to buy the products used and reviewed in TMMI; The Editors Page - How to paint a Pz.38(t).

ADH Publishing - Model Airplane International Magazine Issue 172 November 2019

Which models will you be building over the coming months; Which decals will you chose to build something just a little different; All that’s new for fans of this increasingly popular scale; Spencer Pollard takes an in-depth look at HKM’s 1:32 Lancaster, ready for John Wilkes detailed build; Old Sarum opens its doors, to reveal its secrets; Russell Mardling builds Zvezda’s 1:48 Yak-1B; Well, it’s here, Tamiya’s latest 1:48 the beautiful P-38 Lightning, Spencer Pollard takes a detailed look at an early sample, to bring you a specially extended review; Alan Firbank photographs Red Bull’s stunning P-38 Lightning; Jason Brewer turns Eduard’s Spitfi re Mk.IXc into a high-altitude interceptor; John Wilkes builds HKM’s incredible 1:32 kit; Alan Firbank captures the BBMF’s Lancaster in all of its wonderful glory; Glenn Sands visits RNAS Yeovilton for this year’s international air show; Events Diary; Contact Details; Next Issue; Final  Thoughts.

Squadron Products 1/32 Resin US .50 cal Ammo Boxes

Generated from a 3D print WW2 .50 cal ammo boxes have (48) closed and (16) in open position with separate lids and detailed cartridges.

Squadron Products 1/32 Resin .30 Cal Ammo Boxes

Generated from a 3D print WW2 .30 cal ammo boxes have (48) closed and (16) in open position with separate lids and detailed cartridges.

Squadron Products 1/35 Resin Wine Bottles and Crates

Contains various wine bottles and crates for diorama in 1/35th scale.

Squadron Products 1/35 Resin Beer Bottles and Cratess

Contains various beer bottles and crates for diorama in 1/35th scale.

Squadron Products 1/48 Resin Wine Bottles and Crates

Contains various wine bottles and crates for diorama in 1/48th scale.

Squadron Products 1/48 Resin Beer Bottles and Crates

Contains various beer bottles and crates for diorama in 1/48th scale.

Atlantis Models - Ed Big Daddy Roth Angel Fink Figure (6.25" Tall) (formerly Revell)

The Classic Witch is back designed by Ed Roth for Revell back in the 1960's. This kit will be molded in green with original box art. Color instructions featuring the original sell sheet.

Sword Models 1/72 F3D2 Skyknight over Korea & Red Rippers Fighter

Sword Models 1/72 F3H2 Demon USN Fighter

Sword Models 1/72 P80C & IL10 Fighter over Korea (2 in 1)

Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe 'William Barker'


  • Plastic parts the same as sold out model 32020 1/32 Sopwith Snipe Early
  • 1/32 (54mm) 6 part resin figure sculpted by Mike Good available exclusively with this model.
  • 113 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
  • 8 photo-etched metal detail parts.
  • 20 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
  • High quality Cartograf decals for Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe E8102 flown by 50 victory Canadian ace William Barker from 201 Squadron RAF in October 1918.

Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker D.VII F 'Hermann Goring'


  • Plastic parts the same as sold out model 32031 1/32 Fokker D.VII F.
  • 1/32 (54mm) 5 part resin figure sculpted by Mike Good available exclusively with this model.
  • 198 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
  • 11 photo-etched metal detail parts.
  • 24 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
  • High quality Cartograf decals for Fokker D.VII F 5125/18 flown by 22 victory ace (and future Nazi war criminal) Hermann Göring in October 1918


New Items Available to Order - Nov 4 - Nov 8

Monday, November 4, 2019

Abteilung 502 - Invasion of Lebanon 1982 Book

English. 300 pages. Soft cover.
“On 6 June 1982, Israel launched operation “Peace for Galilee”, a large-scale invasion of Lebanon aiming at protecting northern Israel from PLO missiles, artillery and infiltration. Called “al-Ijtiyah, The Invasion” in Lebanon, the operation destroyed PLO infrastructure and altered the conflict map by removing “players” and adding others, complicating the Lebanese Civil War scene.”
This book beautifully narrates the use of tanks and armoured vehicles in some of the most critical chapters of the conflict in Lebanon. Dedicated primarily to modellers and lovers of military history, this book documents the use of various tanks in combat, ranging from the IDF armoured forces to the T-54/55 and some rare versions of the T-34.
The author, Samer Kassis, a seasoned military historian of the Middle East, invites us on a fascinating journey into the recent history of Lebanon, publishing never-seen-before photographs of that moment in time.

Abteilung 502 - Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 8
English / Spanish. 72 pages. Soft cover.

Damaged is the best magazine devoted to painting techniques and the ageing of scale models of any type, and figures. Original scenes and vehicles for a great source of inspiration for all modelers. Of course we can learn many of each article with its perfect step-by-step explanations and illustrated through high-quality images and concise descriptions.
In this issue, we focus on subjects with the comon denominator to represent the wear and the passage of time or show ultrarealistics models from the best modelers arround the world. Here we will learn which techniques will be the most appropriate to transform the exterior aspects of a locomotive.
We also include a civil scamel abandoned or a paper vehicle, and of course, much more!

AK Interactive - Learning 10: Mastering Vegetation in Modeling Book
English / Spanish, 84 pages. Soft cover.

The artists that have taken part in this book show you all aspects, tricks and secrets involved to make vegetation in dioramas. Follow this essential guide in form of simple step by step processes and learn useful information that any kind of modeller, beginner or advanced, will find interesting for their projects on dioramas and vignettes in any scale.
This book is profusely illustrated with step by step photos and descriptive text explaining in depth the secrets of creation vegetation and environments and the materials and tools involved.

AK Interactive - Detail Shine Enhancer (Modeling Wax) 20ml Tube

Detail Shine Enhancer is a special modeling wax developed to create extra shine on certain objects and add more richness to the colors. It can be used on models, dioramas and vignettes, allowing you to achieve different effects on small surfaces, such as grease or wet effects on canvas or floor tiles. With this product, you can easily add ultra-realistic touches to your model without having to use a varnish.
The tube contains 20ml / 39gr of product.

AK Interactive - Cutting Mat 18"x12"

AK Interactive - Cutting Mat 12"x8.5"


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Great Wall Hobby 1/48 Su-35S Flanker-E 'Air To Surface Version'

The latest research, unique structural design.
New tool Air to Surface Weapons square attached additionally with excellent decal.

Desert Eagle Publishing - Nakpadon Heavy APC: Centurion Based APC in IDF Service - Part 4

By Michael Mass and Adam O'Brien
84 pages, full color, including 174 photos and drawings
A must have for the IDF Armor modellers and enthusiasts.

Revell Germany 1/144 Apollo Saturn V

At 0932hrs on 16th July 1969 the giant Saturn V rocket was launched from the launchpad at Cape Canaveral on the most important journey in the history of mankind. The giant Saturn V consisted of three main stages, was 110 meters (361 ft) high and weighed 3,000 tons. It could carry a payload of 50 tons and reach a speed of 11.2 km/second (25050 mph). The 394,000 km ( 244,800 mile) journey to the moon took 72 hours. After achieving low Earth Orbit, the upper assembly with the Apollo Capsule received a final push from the third stage rocket thrusters to achieve the speed required for its flight to the moon. Later the Apollo module broke away from the rocket, turned and pulled the Lunar Module from its protective covering. Coupled together like this, the combination eventually reached the Moon and entered Lunar orbit. After several Lunar orbits the Lunar Module with the astronauts N. Armstrong and E. Aldrin on board separated from the Command Module in which only the astronaut M. Collins remained. With two firings of the retro rockets the Lunar Module commenced its final approach into the Sea of Tranquillity . This historic event will be remembered for eternity.

- Model of the Saturn V, 77 cm (30¼ inches) in height
- Launch Platform
- Final Stage with 5 detailed Thruster Nozzles
- Structured Outer Surfaces
- 2nd Stage with 5 Thrust Nozzles
- Inter-Stage Ring with Control Nozzles
- 3rd Stage with Thrust Nozzle
- Detailed Lunar Module
- Opening Protective Shield over the Lunar Module
- Service Module with Thruster and Control Nozzles
- Command Module
- Emergency Rescue Rocket on the Nose
- 3 Figures to populate the Launch Platform
- Detailed Decal Set


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

AMT 1/25 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Hurst Hemi Under Glass Funny Drag Car

1/25 scale, skill 2, paint and cement required
Katch The Kat Series - 1 kit in every case of 12 molded in exclusive metallic gold
(others Molded in white)
Not available since the late 1960s
Retooled Hurst mag wheels
All new authentic, expanded decals
Retro Deluxe™ reproduction vintage “rare" AMT packaging

AMT 1/25 Coca-Cola White Western Star Semi Tractor Cab w/Sleeper

1/25 scale, skill 3, paint and cement required
Molded in white
Special Coca-Cola hauler version
Works well with AMT’s Coke semi trailer
Authentic Coke decals withe multiple options
Super-detailed with over 250 parts
Collectible AMT/Coca-Cola illustrated packaging

AMT 1/25 1995 GMC Sonoma SLS Pickup Truck

1/25 scale, skill 2, paint and cement required
Back by popular demand - tooling restored
Includes all-new snowboard with boot bindings (new tooling)
Opening hood and realistic detail throughout
Optional wheels
Molded in white, the modeler’s choice
Authentic decal artwork
Illustrated AMT winter scene packaging


Thursday, November 7, 2019

AMT 1/25 Don Garlits Wynn's Jammer Fuel Dragster

1/25 scale, skill 2, paint and cement required
World’s first 200 MPH dragster
Body panels molded in translucent smoke tint plastic - first time ever
Includes bonus display base with metallic gold placard labels
Pre-lettered drag slicks
Authentic all new, expanded decal sheet
Retro Deluxe™ reproduction vintage “rare" AMT packaging

Jada 1/24 Fast & Furious Tego's 1977 Pontiac Firebird

Jada 1/24 1959 Ford Anglia w/Harry Potter Figure

J's Work Models 1/35 Water Cooler (Plastic Kit)

J's Work Models 1/35 Toilet & Pedestal Sink (Assembled Plastic)

J's Work Models 1/35 Computer Monitor & Keyboard (Assembled Plastic)

J's Work Models 1/35 Office Chair (Plastic Kit)

J's Work Models 1/35 Leisure Chair (Assembled Plastic)

J's Work Models 1/35 Refrigerator (Assembled Plastic)

J's Work Models 1/35 Washing Machine (Assembled Plastic)

J's Work Models 1/35 Drinks Set: Soda & Water Bottles, Boxes/Crates, Hand Truck (Resin Kit)

J's Work Models 1/35 Iron-Type Barriers (2pcs) (Resin Kit)

J's Work Models 1/35 ATM Kiosk Machine (Resin Kit)

J's Work Models 1/35 Fire Hydrant & 2 Drainage Covers (Assembled Resin)

Scale AC Conversions 1/144 MiG-15BIS/UTI Fagot Landing Gear - 2 Sets (EDU kit)

For: replacement for 1/144 Eduard

Scale AC Conversions 1/144 A-4E A-4F Skyhawk Landing Gear - 2 Sets (EDU kit)

For: replacement for 2 sets 1/144 Eduard / Platz)

Scale AC Conversions 1/48 P-51D Mustang Landing Gear (EDU kit)

For: replacement for 1/48 Eduard

Scale AC Conversions 1/72 B-58 Hustler Landing Gear (ITA kit)

For: replacement for 1/72 Italeri / Testors


New Items Available to Order - Oct 28 - Nov 1

Monday, October 28, 2019

Special Hobby 1/32 T33 T-Bird Jet Trainer Aircraft w/South American/Japanese Markings

Model of one of the most famous trainer aeroplane ever built in the US, no else jet trainer has been produced in larger numbers than the T-33. With the exception of Antarctica and Australia, the T-bird was operated world-wide. The kit offers – six styrene sprues, one sprue with clear parts, full colour instruction manual, pre-painted photo etches, resin cast details and a sheet of decals.

  • Nicely detailed model
  • Etches and resin set already in the box
  • Famous machine wearing unique colour schemes
  • Decals offer a sharkmouthed machine flown in Guatemala, a Peruvian T-33 and one as operated by the JASDF.

Special Hobby 1/72 FH1 Phantom US Marines First Jet Fighter

Model of the first carrier borne jet fighter aeroplane of the US Navy which was operated by the US Marines as well, making it the Marines First jet too.
Contents of the box: three grey styrene, injection moulded sprues, one clear styrene sprue with canopy parts, sheet of decals and full colour instructions. The decals bring markings for four US Marines machines.

  • Superbly detailed and accurate model
  • Schemes depicting four US Marines machines operated from aircraft carriers
  • Carefully prepared decals with a set of stencils
  • Also available for this model: Q72325 resin wheel update set

Copper State Models 1/35 Romfell Panzerwagen

Romfell panzerwagen, a unique Austro Hungarian armoured car with its distinctive inward-sloping body, even today it looks like from another galaxy. It was designed by Hauptmann Romanic and Oberleutenant Fellner. Their names were combined to give the name to this car. Romfell was equipped with a machine gun that was an air-cooled Schwarzlose M07/12 protected by gun shields, with a supply of 3,000 rounds.
Transparent parts for headlights
Engine and interior included
Cartograf printed decals
Instruction in colour

Copper State Models 1/35 Lanchester with 37mm Hotchkiss Gun 'Russian Service'

Plastic kit of a well known Lanchester Armoured car used in Russia, that was equipped with 37mm Hotchkiss gun
Additional plastic parts for "Russian Service" version
Cartograf printed decals
Transparent parts for headlights
Instruction in colour

Copper State Models 1/35 Figure: Imperial Russian Automobile MG Platoon - Crewman Playing Balalaika

Copper State Models 1/35 Figure: Imperial Russian Automobile MG Platoon - Crewman Putting On Boots

Copper State Models 1/35 Figure: Imperial Russian Automobile MG Platoon - Soldier on Guard Duty

Ryefield Models 1/35 M-ATV MRAP Radio Set

Resin upgrade set for for use with the Rye Field Models M-ATV MRAP kit (RFMRM5032).

Ryefield Models 1/35 M-ATV MRAP 16.0xR20 Resin Wheel Set

4 x Sagged
1 x Flat Tire


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Aerobonus 1/32 USAF F104C/G Fighter Pilot w/Ejection Set for ITA

Aerobonus 1/48 WWI Royal Flying Corps (RFC) Pilot

Aerobonus 1/48 WWI German/Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Mechanic

Aires 1/32 MiG23MF/MLD Correct Tail Fin For TSM (Resin)

Aires 1/48 Beaufighter TF X Wheel Bay Set For RVL

Aires 1/48 A1J Skyraider Wheels & Paint Masks For TAM

Aires 1/48 Do217 Wheels & Paint Masks For ICM

Aires 1/48 MiG23MF/MLD Correct Tail Fin For TSM (Resin)

Quickboost 1/32 MiG23 FOD Covers w/Photo-Etch for TSM

Quickboost 1/32 MiG23BN Remove Before Flight Covers for TSM

Quickboost 1/32 MiG23MF Remove Before Flight Covers for TSM

Quickboost 1/48 MiG23 FOD Covers w/Photo-Etch for TSM

Quickboost 1/48 MiG23BN Remove Before Flight Covers for TSM & EDU

Quickboost 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter Cockpit Doors w/Clear Part for RVL

Quickboost 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter Undercarriage Covers for RVL

Quickboost 1/48 British Phantom FG1/FGR2 Seats w/Safety Belts

Quickboost 1/48 MiG23MF Remove Before Flight Covers for TSM

Quickboost 1/48 MiG23ML Remove Before Flight Covers for TSM

Quickboost 1/48 Dornier Do217 Air Intake for ICM

Quickboost 1/72 B25B/C Mitchell Gun Barrels for ITA

Quickboost 1/72 B26C Marauder Engines for ARX

Quickboost 1/72 B26K Counter Invader Correct Cowlings & Engine for ITA

Bandai 1/144 Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: Millennium Falcon

Eduard 1/72 Mig15bis Aircraft (Profi-Pack Plastic Kit)

ProfiPACK edition kit of Soviet Cold War jet aircraft MiG-15bis in 1/72 scale.

  • plastic parts: Eduard
  • marking options: 5
  • decals: Eduard
  • PE parts: yes, pre-painted
  • painting mask: yes
  • resin parts: no

Eduard 1/48 Fokker Dr I BiPlane (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

Weekend edition kit of German WWI fighter aircraft Fokker Dr.I in 1/48 scale.

  • plastic parts: Eduard
  • marking options: 2
  • decals: Eduard
  • PE parts: no
  • painting mask: no

Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-6/AS ProfiPACK

ProfiPACK edition kit of German WWII fighter plane Bf 109G-6/AS in 1/48 scale.

  • plastic parts: Eduard
  • marking options: 5
  • decals: Eduard
  • PE parts: yes, pre-painted
  • painting mask: yes
  • resin parts: no



Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Aoshima 1/24 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago R-SV Sports Car

Aoshima 1/24 Lamborghini Diablo GTR Sports Car

Aoshima 1/24 1994 Toyota Hilux Double Cab Lift-Up 4WD Pickup Truck

Aoshima 1/24 1996 Mazda FD3S RX7 2-Door Car

Aoshima 1/24 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 4-Door Car

Aoshima 1/24 1979 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-E/S 4-Door Sedan

Aoshima 1/24 1990 Toyota Previa Minivan w/Moon Roof

Airfix 1/72 Higgins Boat LCVP D-Day

The Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP) or Higgins Boat was one of the most vital pieces of Allied naval equipment of the Second World War. Used not only during Operation Overlord and the invasion of occupied France, but also throughout American naval operations in the Pacific, proving to be particularly useful during the operations at Okinawa and Iwo Jima. With a shallow draught and full-width bow ramp it was able to offload its cargo and leave the beach in just 3 to 4 minutes.

Airfix 1/144 Apollo Saturn V Rocket

The Saturn V was the largest operational launch vehicle ever produced standing over 363 feet high with its Apollo Spacecraft payload, it produced over 7.5 millionpounds of thrust at lift-off. It enabled the crew of Apollo 11 and subsequent Apollo crews to leave the pull of the Earth's gravity and reach the moon.
Developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center under the direction of Wernher von Braun, was the largest in a family of liquid propellant rockets that solved the problem of getting to the moon. The three stage rocket was taller than a 36-story building and was the largest, most powerful rocket ever built. A total of thirty-two Saturns of all types were launched; with not one failing. Thirteen of these were Vs. With a cluster of five powerful engines in each of the first two stages and using high-performance liquid hydrogen fuel for the upper stages, the Saturn V was one of the great feats of the 20th century engineering. 
Inside, the rocket contained three million parts in a labyrinth of fuel lines, pumps, gauges, sensors, curcuits, and switches - each of which had to function reliably. The first manned Saturn V sent the Apollo 8 astronauts into orbit around the moon in December 1968. After two more missions to test the Lunar Module, in July 1969 a Saturn V launched the crew of Apollo 11 to the first manned landing on the moon. 

Dragon 1/35 US Tank Crew NW Europe 1944 (5)

Dragon 1/35 SdKfz 7 8(t) Halftrack & 88mm Flak 36/37 Gun

As its latest Combo Kit featuring convenient and appealing vehicle pairings, Dragon is offering a German Sd.Kfz.7 halftrack towing an 8.8cm FlaK 36/37 gun. The rather iconic Sd.Kfz.7 was originally designed to tow both the 8.8cm FlaK gun and the 15cm sFH.18 howitzer. It could accommodate up to 12 soldiers of a gun crew, as well as a limited amount of ammunition. Turning to the FlaK.37, this famous 8.8cm weapon could be used in both the antiaircraft and antitank roles.
Dragon’s release of an Sd.Kfz.7 halftrack towing an s.FH.18 15cm howitzer (Item No. 6918) was very successful, prompting the offering of this natural companion – the same halftrack but this time towing the 8.8cm FlaK 36/37 gun. Of course, these items are available as separate kits, but this superb combination gives modelers everything they need in a single box and at an even more competitive price than buying them singly. Given that both the German halftrack and the gun were widely used in every theater throughout WWII, there is virtually no limit to what the imaginative modeler can do with this combination.

Dragon 1/700 USS Mobile Bay Ticonderoga Class Guided-Missile Cruiser

Dragon 1/700 USS Roosevelt DDG80 Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIA Destroyer

Dragon 1/700 USS Mustin DDG89 Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIA Destroyer

This brand new kit features maximum details for this new Arleigh Burke Class ship.
- Newly tooled parts
- Decals by Cartograf

Dragon 1/35 M4 Sherman "Composite Hull" ~ Smart Kit

Tanks played a decisive role throughout the bloody battles of the Pacific, and the most important tank for the Allies was the M4 Sherman. One variant of the Sherman commonly found in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) was the so-called “composite hull”. This referred to some M4 Shermans that featured a cast front hull mated to a welded rear hull.
Dragon's 1/35 M4 Sherman “Composite Hull” PTO has now been enhanced and released anew. The key difference is a set of brand new T48 track links produced under the Magic Tracks label. These T48 tracks are accurately engineered and beautifully injection molded. This kit is the culmination of intensive research, allowing modelers to conveniently depict an M4 Sherman tank taking part in the Pacific Theater of Operation.

Fujimi 1/24 Mazda FD3S RX7 A-Spec 2-Door Sports Car

Fujimi 1/24 Nissan 180SX Early Type 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 Honda CR-Z Mugen 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 Toyota S800 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 Honda NSX/NSX-R 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 Honda Civic Type R Late 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 1987 Nissan Skyline GTS-R 2-Door Sports Coupe

Fujimi 1/24 Honda Civic Type R Early 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 Lamborghini Diablo 4WD VT Blackstar Sports Car

Fujimi 1/24 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole Sports Car

Fujimi 1/24 Lamborghini Countach LP500S Sports Car

Fujimi 1/24 Mini Cooper S 2-Door Car

Fujimi 1/24 1969 Porsche 911S Coupe

Fujimi 1/24 Volk Racing TE37 17" Tire & Wheel Set (4)

Fujimi 1/24 Technoracing TV-R 15" Tire & Wheel Set (4)

Fujimi 1/24 Versus EU Line V152 18" Tire & Wheel Set (4)

Fujimi 1/24 Enkei NT03 18" Tire & Wheel Set (4)

Fujimi 1/24 Fabulous Profound 18" Tire & Wheel Set (4)


Thursday, October 31, 2019

AMT 1/24 Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler Semi Tractor Cab

1/24 Scale
Molded in white, silver, black and gray plus chrome
Super-detailed throughout
Over 300 parts
Unibilt sleeper
Tilting hood
Realistic thermoplastic rubber tires
Top quality decals with all new designs.
Vintage-style AMT packaging

AMT 1/24 Reefer Semi Trailer

1/24 Scale
Over 24” long assembled
Molded in color
Movable Select-A-Pont tandem sliding suspension
Super-detailed throughout
Realistic thermoplastic rubber tires
Top quality decals with all new designs.
Vintage-style AMT packaging

Canfora Publishing - The Soviet Army on Parade 1946-1991 (Hardback)

A display of Cold War power
Undoubtedly our most ambitious project to date, this second volume in a three volume series describes the tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and rocket systems paraded by the Soviet Army on Red Square from 1946 until the last Soviet era parade in November 1990. From the massed tank displays of the immediate post-war parades, to the introduction of strategic rocket systems during the “Khrushchev” years, all the weapons displayed on Red Square during the Cold War are described in detail.
The background military history of the Soviet Union during the Cold War years and the philosophy involved in the weapon developments is also related, building the overall picture of Soviet parades as a projection of Soviet military might.
Did you know?
– For 100 years since the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation has demonstrated its latest military tanks and military vehicles on Red Square for Russian domestic and foreign consumption.
– The annual May and November military parades were in 1946 joined by a “Tankman’s Day” parade, celebrating the day Red Army forces crossed into Axis territory in 1944.
– Soviet tanks such as the T-54 had their public Red Square debut almost a decade after they entered service, while some rocket systems constantly displayed never entered service.
– One of the best parade watching locations in Moscow was the former US Embassy building, past which the parades moved onto Red Square, while the British Embassy overlooked the return journey from Red Square.
– The start of the 1960 parade was delayed while Khrushchev decided whether or not to order the shooting down of an American U-2A USAF/CIA reconnaissance aircraft flying over Siberia.
336 pages. 500+ photos. Hardback.

Matho Models 1/35 Oil & Gas Station Decals (Various Brands)

Contains 1 sheet with various water slide decals. 

Matho Models 1/35 Movie Posters 1950s & 1960s, Printed Paper (24) (12 different types in 2 sizes)

Contains 1 sheet with 24 original posters (12 different types) of popular movies from the 1950s & 1960s. Each poster is available in 2 sizes, that have been standardized by the film industry: 

  • One Sheet (27" x 40" or 68,58cm x 101,6cm), in 1:35 scale: 1,96 x 2,9 cm (0,77" x 1,14"). This size is commonly used in theatres for advertising movies.
  • Bus Stop or Subway (40" x 60" or 101,6cm x 152,4cm), in 1:35 scale: 2,9 x 4,35cm (1,14" x 1,71").

Matho Models - Multi-Scale Black Type 1 Numbers Decal

Contains 1 sheet with various water slide decals. This sheet contains small black digits, varying in height between 1mm (0,04") and 6mm (0,24"). The height is listed on the sheet, so it is easy to choose the right height for your needs. Suitable for all scales!

Caracal Decals 1/144 C-124 Globemaster II

The C-124 Globemaster II [i](or the "Old Shaky", as many called it)[/i] was the primary heavy transport aircraft in the USAF from the Korean War period all the way to the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Designed for the Roden kit of this important type, our 1/144 scale decal sheet provides colorful 1950s era markings as well as later MAC/ANG aircraft.
The options on this decal sheet are:

  • C-124C Globemaster II 51-5186, 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron
  • C-124A Globemaster II 50-086, 1st Strategic Support Squadron
  • C-124C Globemaster II 52-0955, 52rd Troop Carrier Squadron
  • C-124A Globemaster II 49-247, 3rd Strategic Support Squadron
  • C-124C Globemaster II 52-0972, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • C-124C Globemaster II 51-5205, MATS
  • C-124C Globemaster II 52-1054, Tennessee Air National Guard
  • C-124C Globemaster II 52-0999, Oklahoma Air National Guard
  • C-124C Globemaster II 52-0946, North Carolina Air National Guard
  • C-124C Globemaster II 52-1000, Georgia Air National Guard

Caracal Decals 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird Part 1

Our new two-set series for the iconic SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird aims to bring affordable, high-quality Blackbird decals to the market once again. We designed this series to cover the entire career of the SR-71 family over the years. This 1/72 scale sheet includes markings for SR-71s in early USAF service, as well as YF-12/A-12 interceptor prototypes and the M-21/D-21 drone setup for good measure. The decals were tested to fit the Revell kit, but we believe they should work with any 1/72 scale SR-71 / YF-12 kit in the market.
The options on this decal sheet are:

  • A-12B 60-6927 "Titanium Goose
  • A-12 60-6928
  • M-21 60-06940 (D-21 drone "mothership")
  • YF-12 60-06934
  • YF-12 60-06935
  • YF-12 60-06936 record breaker
  • SR-71 61-17955
  • SR-71 61-17956 "1000th Sortie"
  • SR-71 61-17961 "Bald but Bold"
  • SR-71 61-17964 "The Bododian Express"
  • SR-71 61-17967
  • SR-71 61-17970 "Super Skater"
  • SR-71 61-17971 "W'ere the Fakawee"
  • SR-71 61-17972 "Charlie's Problem"
  • SR-71 61-17974 "ichi Ban"
  • SR-71 61-17976
  • SR-71 61-17978 "Rapid Rabbit"
  • SR-71 61-17980 "Rosemary's Baby-San"
  • SR-71 61-17956 "Gumby"
  • D-21 drone "501"
  • D-21 drone "505"

Caracal Decals 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird Part 2

The second 1/72 scale sheet in our SR-71 series features a comprehensive selection of USAF SR-71s from the later period of its service. In addition to several well-known tail artwork from the later period of SR-71 operations, we provide markings for both USAF SR-71 Blackbird that were reactivated after 1993; and markings for all SR-71s operated by NASA. We also provide markings for the LASRE aerospike experiment payload flown by NASA (Check the reference pages listed in the instructions for a link to buy 3D printed parts to build the LASRE). The decals were tested to fit the Revell kit, but we believe they should work with any 1/72 scale SR-71 / YF-12 kit in the market.
The options on this decal sheet are:

  • SR-71 61-17958
  • SR-71 61-17960
  • SR-71 61-17962
  • SR-71 61-17967
  • SR-71 61-17968 "Dolby DBX" tail art
  • SR-71 61-17971
  • SR-71 61-17972 (final SR-71 flight)
  • SR-71 61-17973 (initial toned-down scheme)
  • SR-71 61-17974
  • SR-71 61-17979 "Night Hawk" tail art
  • SR-71 61-17980 "Dartboard" tail art
  • NASA SR-71 61-17971 interim tail marking
  • NASA SR-71 "831"
  • NASA SR-71 "832"
  • NASA SR-71 "844"
  • NASA LASRE (Linear Aerospike SR-71 Experiment)

Caracal Decals 1/72 Fokker F-27 Troopship

A military version of the highly successful Fokker F-27 Friendship turboprop light airliner, the F-27 Troopship has been used by many militaries all over the world. This 1/72 scale sheet provides markings for some of these military operators. Limited run of only 250 sheets.
The options on this sheet are:

  • Fokker F-27 Troopship "C-5", 72th Anniversary special scheme, Royal Netherlands Air Force, 1988
  • Fokker F-27 Troopship "C-4", Royal Netherlands Air Force, 1986
  • Fokker F-27 Troopship "FF-3", Finnish Air Force, 2005
  • Fokker F-27 Troopship "602", Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, 2004

This decal sheet was designed for the Airfix kit. While the Finnish and Iranian options should also fit the Esci/Italeri kits, we can not guarantee that the Dutch option will fit these kits.

Takom 1/35 US Army 1/4-ton Utility Truck with 1/4-ton Utility Trailer & MP Figure

Detail static display plastic model
PE & clear parts included
5 marking options
1 figure is included

Takom 1/35 PL-01 Prototype Polish Light Tank

Detail static display plastic model
PE & clear parts included4 marking options
Track assembly is aided with the use if a jig
All hatches can be built in open or closed position
Link & length style track included

Takom 1/35 Russian Navy CADS-N-I Kashtan CIWS

Detail static display plastic model
Clear parts included
1 marking option
Base included
Elevate and traverse

Takom 1/35 Jagdtiger Sd.Kfz.186 Early/Late Production (2in1) - Blitz Series

Detail static display plastic model
PE parts included
5 marking options
Track assembly is aided with the use if a jig
All hatches can be built in open or closed position
Link & length style track included


Friday, November 1, 2019

Eduard 1/144 F6F-5 Hellcat

Super 44 edition kit of US WWII fighter aircraft F6F-5 in 1/144 scale.

  • plastic parts: Platz
  • marking options: 4
  • decals: Eduard
  • PE parts: no
  • painting mask: yes
  • resin parts: no

Gofer Racing 1/24-1/25 Photo-Etch Battery Detail Set w/Cable Wire Red & Black

Gofer Racing 1/24-1/25 Photo-Etch Battery Detail Set w/Cable Wire Black





New Items Available to Order - Oct 21 - Oct 25

Monday, October 21, 2019

Vallejo - Model Air No. 17 Earth Yellow - VJ71420

Vallejo - Model Air Aotake Translucent Blue - VJ71419

Vallejo - Model Air IJN Medium Brown - VJ71418

Vallejo - Model Air IJA Dark Beige - VJ71416

Vallejo - Model Air A-21 Light Greyish Brown - VJ71415

Vallejo - Model Air AEH-9 Light Grey - VJ71414

Vallejo - Model Air A-18F Light Blue - VJ71413

Vallejo - Model Air VVS Grey Blue - VJ71412

Vallejo - Model Air A-19F Grass Green - VJ71411

Vallejo - Model Air AII Zashchitnyi Camouflage Green - VJ71410

Vallejo - Model Air PRU Pink - VJ71408

Vallejo - Model Air Sky Grey - VJ71407

Vallejo - Model Air No.1 Sky Blue Duck Egg Blue - VJ71404

Vallejo - Model Air UK BSC 49 Light Purple Brown - VJ71402

Vallejo - Model Air UK BSC28 Silver Grey - VJ71401

Vallejo - Model Air US Desert Pink - VJ71400


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bandai 1/100 Master Grade Gundam Seed Series: ZGMF1000/A1 Gunner Zaku Warrior (Lunamaria Hawke Custom)

Revell USA 1/24 1987 Buick Grand National (2 in 1)

Back in 1987, the Buick™ Grand National™ was the fastest U.S. production car available. The Buick turbo charged V-6 engine was actually designed for 220+mph racecars. Factory painted in all black, this was a personal luxury car turned into a high performance thoroughbred. 

Kit features:
All the factory stock accessories unique to the Grand National™.
Full suspension and longitudinal torque bar. GNX™ side louvers and wheels.
Detailed V-6 with turbo, intercooler and air intake.
Decals with authentic stock graphics.
Molded in white, transparent red and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tires.

Revell USA 1/25 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396 (2 in 1)

The 1966 Impala™ Super Sport was the flagship of the Chevrolet® line and the emphasis was on performance as well as good looks. Today, the timeless design of the ’66 Chevy® Impala™ SS™ is just as striking as it was the day the first unit rolled off the assembly line. This is why large numbers of Chevy enthusiasts are devoting endless amounts of time, energy and money to the pursuit of restoring, customizing and collecting these milestone cars. 

Kit features:
Highly Detailed Turbo-Jet 396 V-8 with four speed standard transmission.
Interior with front bucket seats and center console and full wheel covers with spinners.
Optional stock or lowered suspension for the “low down” look, stock wheels with white wall tires, special low profile tires with chrome plated wire wheels.
Decals with stock factory and custom graphics.
Molded in white, clear and transparent red with chrome-plated parts and soft black tires.

RPG Model 1/35 Russian T80U Main Battle Tank

-The T-80 was developed in the Soviet Union since the 1960s, and the T-64 deployed mainly for elite units had many defects contrary to expectations. It was developed and then formulated as T-80.
-Therefore, it is a vehicle developed by a different system from T-72 which is a popular type tank.
-The T-80U is given a U suffix representing an improvement in Russian as a modified version of the T-80, and most of the armor has been converted and added to improve defense.
-Explosive reaction armor is converted to the new Contour 5 and armed can operate 9K119M Reflakes, a main gun launched antitank missile.
-The engine is equipped with a 1,250-horsepower GTD-1250 gas turbine engine and a new navigation system.
-Deployment to ground forces began in the late 1980's in the Soviet Union, and in countries other than the Soviet Union, Korea adopted it as a redemption of economic cooperation loans, and China, Cyprus, the UAE, etc. bought this car.
-Includes etched parts, metal parts, clear parts, wires and decals
-Fenders and skirts are soft materials
-Track is connected assembly movable

RPG Model 1/35 USN MK15 Mod31 Searam Close-In Weapon System

-Completely new mold
-Precisely reproduce the serum that followed the Phalanx design more extensively
-Etching parts included

RPG Model 1/35 USN MK15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon System

-Completely new mold
-Precisely reproduce the CIWS phalanx developed in the United States
-Etching parts included
※ 2019/05/30 By contact from the manufacturer, we have changed the image of the package and decals.

Scale A/C Coversions 1/35 MH-60L BlackHawk Landing Gear (KTH kit)

For: replacement for 1/35 Kitty Hawk

Scale A/C Coversions 1/48 M-346 Advanced Fighter Trainer Landing Gear (KIN kit)

For: replacement for 1/48 Kinetic


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Atlantis Models 1/32 Tom Daniel's Roar' N Peace Motorcycle & Leap Hog 3-Wheeler (Snap) (formerly Monogram)

Comes with both the leap hog and roar'n peace. Each kit is molded in 4 colors. New artwork by Kelly Daniel. Look for more Tom Daniels kits in 2020!

Kittyhawk 1/35 HH60G Pave Hawk Helicopter

Kittyhawk 1/48 Mig25PU Foxbat Fighter

Kittyhawk 1/48 Russian Weapon Loading Carts (8)

Panda 1/35 M109A7 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer w/metal track links

Panda 1/35 HMEE-I High Mobility Engineer Excavator


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tamiya 1/48 German Panther Ausf D Tank

This 1/48 scale military miniature model kit recreates the Panther Ausf.D, the very first variant of the highly-rated German tank. Developed partly in answer to the Soviet T-34, the Panther offered a complete performance package, with an imposing L/70 7.5cm gun, sloped armor for superior survivability, and excellent maneuverability. Around 840 Ausf.D Panthers were produced between January and September 1943.

• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 186mm, width: 73mm.
• The refined design of the Panther Ausf.D is accurately captured, taking in the sloped armor and 7.5cm gun.
• Cast mantlet texture and weld lines are depicted with high detail.
• Die-cast hull.
• Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections.
• Parts are included to recreate Schürzen side armor, and accessories like tool racks, gun cleaning rod case, smoke dischargers and more.
• Commander torso figure included, plus two marking options for vehicles in the Battle of Kursk.

Tamiya 1/35 US M42 Duster Tank w/Self-Propelled AA Gun & 3 Crew

The M42 Duster was an anti-aircraft vehicle used in conjunction with tank units, equipped with a pair of 40mm cannons on an open-top turret, and powered by a 500hp engine that let it achieve speeds of up to 70km/h. It was accepted into service with the U.S. Army in 1953 and proved an effective anti- aircraft weapons system.

• 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 180mm, width: 93mm.
• Gun detail, loader’s seat, rifles and more in the interior.
• Three marking options included, offering a choice of U.S., Japan Ground Self Defense Force and former West German Army M42s.
• Belt type tracks that can be painted and attached using Tamiya cement.
• NEW for this RE-ISSUE: Three figures were originally included in the motorized version of this kit (Item 30027, from 1970). They depict crew in the turret, in the act of locating a target. Updated package and 4-language instruction manual.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Bandai 1/144 Build Fighters HG Series: #062 Winning Fumina

Ryefield Models 1/35 Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther G2

-Easy to assemble and affordable kit without interior.
-PaK43 / 3 is precisely reproduced to the breech
-Tracks can be linked and assembled
-Clear top plate of battle room
* The top plate molded in the same color as the main body is not included in the kit.
-Etching parts included
-With 2 types of markings

Ryefield Models 1/35 M1240A1 M-ATV US MRAP All Terrain Vehicle

-M-ATV (MRAP All Terrain Vehicle) is a 4 x 4 wheel drive mine / striking protection armored vehicle developed by Oshkosh, USA.
-Since 2009, the US Army has started testing five proposed vehicles, including Oshkosh, and the same year M-ATV made by Oshkosh was selected.
-The M1240 is a basic model equipped with OGPK (armored turret), and the M1240A1 is a vehicle with M1240 equipped with additional armor (UIK kit) at the bottom of the body.
-The total weight is 14.7 tons and the maximum speed is 105km / h.
[Kit contents]
-The engine, suspension, and OGPK (armored turret) are precisely reproduced with full interior specifications.
-The door and bonnet can be opened and closed, and the tire is made of soft resin.
-Includes decals and etched parts.






New Items Available to Order - Oct 14 - Oct 18

Monday, October 14, 2019

ADH Publishing - Model Airplane International Magazine Issue 171 October 2019

Spencer Pollard takes an in-depth look at Revell’s latest 1:32 F-18E Super Hornet; IPMS Avon’s annual show opens its doors; Huw Morgan builds Zvezda’s very impressive 1:144 kit; Do we need another 1:48 P-51D Mustang, Eduard seem to think so as they release their brand-new kit; Ivan Jensen Taylor build’s Revell’s very impressive 1:48 Junkers Ju-52; Mike Williams reviews Airfi x’s latest 1:48 Sea Fury release; Alan Firbank brings us some of the highlights from this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo; Which models will you be building over the coming months; The latest additions to your library shelves; All that’s new for fans of this increasingly popular scale.

ADH Publishing - Tamiya Model Magazine Issue 288 October 2019

Our adventure with Tamiya’s all-new 1:48 P-38 Lightning begin; Tamiya’s 1:35 Sd.Kfz.222 gets a makeover; Tamiya’s 1:24 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition; Tamiya’s new 1:35 M3 Stuart as a Soviet; References for the WW2 US M3 halftrack; Tamiya’s Yamaha XV1600, plus rider figure; Is that the new Chattanooga Mustang? Eduard’s all-new 1:48 P-51D; Using Alclad 2 metallic paints on Hasegawa’s 1:48 Nakajima Ki 84-I Frank’; New and recently issued modelling accessories; New full model kits reviewed; Hasegawa’s 1:48 F/A-18F Super Hornet, upgrade with Aires resin Eduard photoetch; New and recent books related to scale modelling; Where to buy the products used and reviewed in TMMI; New kit and model product news; The Editors Page: An impressive new book on the Battle of Berlin 1945.

ADH Publishing - Military Illustrated Modeller Magazine Issue 102 October 2019

Rye Field Model’s 1:35 Panther Ausf.G; Dragon’s 1:35 Maus kit in an evocative dioramic scene, Meppen 1945; Thunder Model’s 1:35 Scammell Pioneer and 7.2 inch howitzer ‘Operation Compass’; Revell 1:35 Dingo 2 GE A2.3 PatSi; Takom’s superb 1:35 British Chieftain MBT in Mk.11 form; Rye Field Model 1:35 German Staff Car Type 82E; Photo-references for the Alvis Saladin; Military modelling-related book reviews; New and recent accessory sets and modelling materials; Military modelling news; Sign Off: A Normandy Panther.

Bandai - Star Wars: Death Star II (3.5") (Snap)

ICM 1/35 Soviet Moskvitch 401-420A Passenger Car

ICM 1/35 WWII German MG08 Machine Gun Team (2) w/Weapons & Equipment

ICM 1/48 USAF B26B50 Invader Korean War Bomber

Hasegawa 1/72 SR-71A Blackbird Ichiban

Hasegawa 1/72 F-14A Tomcat 'VF-84 Jolly Rogers'

Hasegawa 1/72 F-35B Lightning II 'JASDF'

Hasegawa 1/72 F-35B Lightning II 'Beast Mode'

Hasegawa 1/72 A-10 Thunderbolt II 'UAV'

Hasegawa 1/48 F-4B/N Phantom II 'Midway Bicentenniel'

Hasegawa 1/48 TA-4J Skyhawk, US Navy

Hasegawa 1/48 F-4EJ Kai Phantom II '302SQ F-4 final Year 2019 (Black Phantom)'

Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIC

Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-43-II Shoki Tojo 85th Flight Regiment

Hasegawa 1/48 Arado Ar234C-3 Limited Edition Series

Hasegawa 1/200 Space Shuttle Orbiter & Hubble Space Telescope

Hasegawa 1/72 Mosquito B Mk IV

Hasegawa 1/35 Fireball SG "Intruder" - Maschinen Krieger


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Dragon 1/350 USS Spruance Vertical Launch System Destroyer

Dragon 1/350 USS Arleigh Burke DDG51 Destroyer

The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile AEGIS destroyers is considered to be the most capable and survivable range of combat vessels in the U.S. Navy. This class is important to the Navy, with a total of 57 ships planned for completion. The very first 8,300-ton destroyer in this new class was DDG-51, the Arleigh Burke, which was commissioned on 4 July 1991. Design of the Arleigh Burke class incorporates shaping to reduce its radar cross-section, and it can effectively counter aircraft, cruise missiles and attack submarines.
Special Features:
- One piece hull
- Accurately detailed gun
- Photo-etched parts for railings and radar
- Display stand included
- Cartograf decal offer accurate markings

Dragon 1/35 Ersatz M10 Tank

- Extra turret panels realistically represented to scale thickness
- Two types of mantlet newly produced
- Newly tooled turret
- Newly tooled glacis panel can be assemble in two styles
- Newly tooled panel on lower hull front
- New step and detail on lower panel
- Newly tooled fender w/great detail
- Two types of rear fender provided
- Newly tooled extra rear armor
- Newly tooled exhaust pipes
- Multi-part slide-molded muzzle brake in great detail
- One-piece plastic gun barrel
- Upper hull realistically reproduced
- Rear hatch with interior hinge detail can be positioned open/closed
- Commander hatches can be assembly open or closed
- Weld lines and already built in - minimum touch-up for modeler
- Engine deck hatch with interior details can be modeled open/closed
- Turret-top pilzen authentically modeled
- Accurate toothed ring for turret
- One-piece slide-molded hull bottom with superb detail
- Armored deflector for rear deck air intake
- Gun assembly recreated in detail, complete with breech
- Driver's and radio operator's hatches with interior details and support arms
- Brand new U-shaped tow shackles
- Track links for sprocket section have guide horns as separate pieces for maximum accuracy
- Idler wheel in maximum detail
- Detail tooled idler wheels
- Full suspension assembly with road wheel and idler arms that can be positioned on uneven terrain
- Slide-molded headlight assemblies with maximum detail
- Optional MG ball mount plug
- MAGIC TRACKS with slide-molded guide horn details
- Road wheels exhibit fine detail
- Armored guard for cooling air outlet grills
- Authentically recreated armored guards for cooling air intake grills
- Engine radiator details with 2 types of fans

Masterbox 1/35 German Tank Crew Riders 1944-1945 (5)

Masterbox 1/35 Desert Battle: Skull Clan New Amazons Women Fighting over Clothes (5)

Roden 1/48 Arado Ar68E Aircraft

The Arado Ar 68E is a famous Luftwaffe biplane fighter adopted in 1937. The aircraft had a classic mixed biplane design of those times and good performance and in no way inferior to another well-known Heinkel He51B aircraft, which at that time was the main fighter of the German Air Force. Ernst Udet the famous ace of World War I played a significant role in the fate of Ar 68, he headed the Luftwaffe fighter at that time and saw the prospect of a new aircraft. Serial production began in 1936 and continued for the next two years. Several aircraft of this type were deployed as part of the Condor Legion to Spain, where they were successfully used as ground support aircraft. In Luftwaffe, the operation of the Ar 68E was relatively short-lived, as the era of new- generation fighter and monoplanes was approaching. Almost all Ar 68Es in 1939 were transferred to the training units, but some were used as night fighters until the end of 1941.

Roden 1/72 WWI LGOC B Type British Bus

Type B Bus is an omnibus (bus) created in the UK in the early twentieth century to provide passenger transportation. The bus could carry up to 34 passengers exclusively on seating on two levels, since they were not allowed to be transported in a standing position. In total, about 2,500 buses were produced and used on many specially designed inland routes. The advent of omnibuses created significant competition for ancient transport, which consisted of horse drawn carriages (cabs) and soon omnibuses completely pushed them out of the streets of London. Since the outbreak of World War I, a large number of these vehicles have been requisitioned to the army to accelerate the transfer of troops from the rear to the immediate war zones.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

AMT 1/25 Big Rig Truck Tire Parts Pack (10)

Osprey Publishing - Duel: German Flak Defences vs Allied Heavy Bomber 1942-45

Since the end of World War II, the strategic bombing of Germany has inspired numerous studies, countless books and several documentary films, and it is not surprising. With more than one million tons of bombs dropped, close to 300,000 civilians killed, 700,000 wounded and in excess of 3,500,000 industrial and residential structures destroyed, the Allied bomber offensive was industrial war on a grand scale. The air battle that raged over Germany has often been described as a battle between Allied and German fighters but what has been frequently missed by historians on all sides is the impact of German anti-aircraft defences (flak). Though often dismissed as ineffective and a waste of valuable material and personnel, the German flak arm made a major contribution to the defence of the Third Reich - at least half of the American aircraft shot down over Germany fell to flak, and according to the RAF Official History, it was estimated that flak accounted for 1229 of 3302 aircraft lost by Bomber Command between 1942 and April 1945. Additionally, the strategic role of flak extended beyond simply shooting down aircraft - its other, more important task was to force bombers to drop their ordnance sooner or from a higher altitude, thus reducing bombing accuracy.
Both these roles are explored in depth in this detailed study of the German flak defences and of their adversaries, the Allied heavy bombers. Containing full-colour illustrations including cockpit scenes and armament views, this is the definitive guide to the much-overlooked conflict between Allied planes and German anti-aircraft defences.

Osprey Publishing - Duel: Panzerfaust vs Sherman European Theater 1944-45

In the summer of 1944, across the battlefields of Normandy, US tanks were confronted with a dangerous challenge: the mobile and deadly Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck anti-tank weapons wielded by the German infantry. Having only occasionally encountered such weaponry before, the US tankers were ill-equipped to defend against this kind of attack, and the threat only increased as the summer wore on.
This Duel title follows the technological battle for dominance that ensued, as the US Army devised new ways to defend against the threat posed by the German shaped-charge projectiles. From the addition of sandbags and spare tracks to individual tanks made by anxious crews on the ground to the large-scale programmes put together by the US armies, the book explores the implementation and effectiveness of the various tactics employed by the tank crews, as well as the technology behind the anti-tank weapons wielded by their German adversaries. Drawing on first-hand accounts from the men on the ground, this illustrated title examines the evolving trial of strength between US armour and innovative German anti-tank weaponry in the climactic months of World War II in Europe.

Osprey Publishing - Air Campaign: Ploesti 1943 The Great Raid on Hitler's Romanian Oil Refineries

Operation Tidal Wave was one of the boldest and most controversial air raids by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF). At the time, the Romanian Ploesti oil fields produced about a third of all Axis oil, and was Germany's single most important fuel source. In the summer of 1943, the USAAF decided to stage a major raid on Ploesti from air bases in Libya. The resulting Operation Tidal Wave raid on 1 August 1943 was one of the costliest to date, losing 53 aircraft, about a third of the starting force. Of the more than 150 bombers that took part in the raid, only 88 B-24s returned to Libya, 55 of which were damaged. On the other hand, of the 17 Medals of Honor awarded to US soldiers and airmen from Pearl Harbor in 1941 to D-Day in 1944, 5 were awarded to pilots of the Tidal Wave mission in recognition of their extraordinary performance. Although undoubtedly bold and heroic, the mission had questionable results. Initial assessments argued that the mission caused 40% of the refinery capacity at Ploesti to be lost but subsequent studies concluded that the damage was quickly repaired and that output had exceeded August levels within a month.
This new study examines the raid in detail, exploring the reasons why its dubious success came at such a high price. Supported by maps, diagrams, and full-colour artwork including battlescenes and bird's-eye views, this is the full story of the audacious Ploesti raid of 1943.

Osprey Publishing - Campaign: The Glorious First of June 1794

As 1794 opened, Revolutionary France stood on a knife's edge of failure. Its army and navy had been shaken by the revolution, with civil war and famine taking its toll on their resources. Seeking to bring a revitalizing supply of food from its Caribbean colonies and the United States, the French government decided to organize a massive convoy to bring the New World's bounty to France. However, in order to succeed in their mission, the French Navy would have to make a deadly crossing over the North Atlantic, an ocean patrolled by the Royal Navy, the most powerful navy force in the world, whose sailors were eager to inflict a damaging defeat on Revolutionary France and win their fortune in prize money.
Illustrated throughout with stunning full-colour artwork, this is the full story of the only fleet action during the Age of Fighting Sail fought in the open ocean, hundreds of miles from shore. Taking place over the course of a month, the inevitable battle was to be a close-run affair, with both sides claiming victory. To the French, it was le Bataille du 13 prairial, a notable day in their new, scientific Revolutionary calendar. For the British, it was the Glorious First of June.

Osprey Publishing - Campaign: The Paraguayan War 1864-70 The Triple Alliance at Stake in LaPlata

The Paraguayan War, also known as the War of the Triple Alliance, was the largest and most important military conflict in the history of South America, after the Wars of Independence, and its only true 'continental' war. It involved four countries and lasted for more than five years, during which Paraguay fought alone against a powerful alliance formed by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. This conflict was remarkable in its huge scale and its terrible cost in lives, with the catastrophic human price paid by Paraguay amounting to more than 300,000 men, a loss of some 70% of the country's total population.
The war was a real revolution for the armies of South America, and the first truly modern conflict of the continent. When the war began in 1864, the armies were small, poorly trained and badly equipped semi-professional forces. However, by the time the war ended, most of them had adopted percussion rifles employing the Minié system and new weapons like breech-loading rifles and Gatling machine guns were being tested on the continent for the first time.
This title covers the whole span of the war, from the early days when the conflict primarily involved small columns of a few thousand men seeking each other out in rugged and sparsely inhabited territory, through to the later Napoleonic-style positional battles fought at points of strategic importance. It also explores the unique challenges presented by the humid, subtropical climate, including the devastating impact of disease on the troops.

Osprey Publishing - Campaign: Petsamo & Kirkenes 1944 The Soviet Offensive in the Northern Arctic

This title examines the bitter conflict between two highly tactical armies as they battled across challenging terrain to gain control of strategically significant Northern Finland. On the one side were the invading Soviet troops, hoping to liberate an area full of rich resources and littered with bases that that would enable the arrival of Arctic convoys from Britain. They employed naval infantry in abundance, not only to make amphibious landings to capture strategically significant port facilities, but also on deep outflanking manoeuvres inland. Their opponents were the elite Gebirgsjäger from XIX Gebirgskorps; trained to be self-sufficient and resourceful and equipped with a range of bespoke weaponry, this mountain division was ideally suited to operate in the harsh climate. Combat conditions were unique: the extremely rough terrain, laced with bogs, streams, boulder fields, and large rivers, presented a significant challenge in its own right, even without the added threat of attacks by highly trained soldiers.
This illustrated title tells the story of this unique and bitter struggle in the far North, an epic battle between two elite forces fighting in a demanding environment. With bird's-eye views and maps of key battlefields, this is a comprehensive guide to one of the most challenging campaigns of the Eastern Front.

Osprey Publishing - Vanguard: Russian Battleships & Cruisers of the Russo-Japanese War

This book examines the major warships of the Imperial Russian Navy which participated in the Russo-Japanese War. The focus is on the battleships, coastal defence warships, and cruisers of the Pacific Squadron and Baltic Squadron that fought during the war.
It discusses in detail their design and development between the years of 1885 and 1905, concentrating particularly on battleships and cruisers. The book explores, in depth, the mutually influential relationship between Russian and foreign warship design, as Russia progressed from a reliance on foreign designs and shipyards towards an ability to produce its own influential ships, such as the Novik. The title also outlines the gripping operational history of the Russian warships which participated in the Russo-Japanese war, tracing their activity before and during the combat, as well as the post-war fate of those ships which were bombarded, scuttled, captured, or salvaged.
Packed with contemporary photography and full-colour illustrations, this title offers a detailed and definitive guide to the design, development, and destiny of the Russian warships which battled the Japanese in the Eastern seas.

Osprey Publishing - X-Planes: Douglas D558-1 Skystreak & D558-2 Skyrocket

The six Douglas D-558 research aircraft, built as two variants, were produced for a US Navy and NACA collaborative project to investigate flight in the high subsonic and supersonic regimes and to develop means of coping with the dangerous phenomena of compressibility and pitch-up which had caused many accidents to early jets. Wind tunnels could not provide the necessary data so pilots had to risk their safety in experimental aircraft which, for their time, achieved phenomenal performance.
Both series of D-558 were well-designed, strong and efficient aircraft which enabled test pilots to tackle the unknown in comparative safety. Though delayed by their innovative but troublesome power-plants, and limited by the cost of their air-launched sorties, they went well beyond their original Mach 1 speed objective and continued to generate information that provided design solutions for a whole generation of supersonic combat aircraft. Although the final stage of the D-55 programme, the USN's ‘militarized' D-558-3, never happened, the Navy was able to apply the lessons of the programme to its much more practical combat types such as the F8U Crusader and F3H Demon.
Supported by full-colour artwork including three-view plates of the two D-558 models and a technical view of the D-2 cockpit, this authoritative text offers a comprehensive guide to the record-breaking Navy research craft.

Osprey Publishing - Combat Aircraft: B58 Hustler Units

One of the most dramatic bombers of its day, the Convair B-58 came to epitomise the Cold War power of Strategic Air Command. Introduced only 12 years after the sound barrier was first broken, this iconic plane became the first large long-range supersonic bomber to take to the skies, a feat which had seemed far-fetched only a few years previously. Outstripping its contemporaries in terms of speed, and agile enough to escape most interceptors, the B-58 was a remarkable feat of engineering, setting 19 world speed records and collecting a host of trophies. The first operational bomber capable of Mach 2 at 63,000 feet, it was able to evade hostile fighters and represented a serious threat to targets across the Soviet Bloc.
Supported by contemporary first-hand accounts, photography, and full-colour illustrations, this study explores the history of this ground-breaking aircraft from its conception to its little-known testing for use in the Vietnam War.

Osprey Publishing - Combat: Soviet Partisan vs German Security Soldier Eastern Front 1941-44

The savage partisan war on the Eastern Front during World War II saw a wide variety of forces deployed by both sides. On the Soviet side, civilian partisans fought alongside and in co-operation with Red Army troops and Red Army and NKVD ‘special forces'. On the German side, German Army security divisions, with indigenous components including cavalry, fought alongside SS police and Waffen-SS units and other front-line troops employed for short periods in the anti-partisan role.
In addition to providing the background history of the forces of both sides, this study focuses upon three examples of German anti-partisan operations that show varied success in dealing with the Soviet partisan threat. Notably, it covers a major operation in north-west Russia during the spring of 1943 - Operation Spring Clean - that saw Wehrmacht security forces including local components fighting alongside troops under the SS umbrella against a number of Soviet partisan brigades. During the fighting, German forces even employed captured French tanks from earlier in the war against the partisans.
Featuring specially commissioned artwork and drawing upon an array of sources, this is an absorbing account of the brutal fighting between German security forces and their Soviet partisan opponents during the long struggle for victory on World War II's Eastern Front.

Osprey Publishing - Men at Arms: Armies of the Great Northern War 1700-1720

The Great Northern War was a long series of campaigns in which Russia, linked with several other countries in temporary alliances, confronted and eventually replaced Sweden as the predominant power in Northern Europe. While contemporary with the Duke of Marlborough's pivotal campaigns against France, the Great Northern War was in fact more decisive, since it reshaped the Northern European power balance up to the eve of the Napoleonic Wars.
It began with a series of astonishing Swedish victories lead by King Charles XII, from Denmark to Poland and deep into Germany. But Peter the Great of Russia showed steadfast determination, and Charles overreached himself when he invaded Russia in 1708; the Russians adopted classic 'scorched earth' tactics until they could destroy the Swedish army at Poltava in 1709, one of the most overwhelming victories in history. Nevertheless, Sweden continued to fight, and frequently win, in Germany, Denmark and Norway, until Charles's death in battle in 1718, though the war itself did not conclude until 1721.
This study explores, in detail, the numerous armies and complex alliances engaged in the war for Northern European dominance. Containing accurate full-colour artwork and unrivalled detail, Armies of the Great Northern War offers a vivid insight into the troops which battled for control of the North.

Ammo By Mig - The Weathering Magazine #27 - Recycled

he Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the most enjoyable and effective painting and weathering techniques for finishing scale models and figures, created to fuel your imagination and provide the learning experience you need to explore the limits of your modelling aspirations. The latest release is the most unique issue of your favourite magazine, where you will witness a modelling experiment involving the work of four authors interpretation of the same kit in each of the four seasons. Four independent creators, four unique styles, and four different approaches to realistically depicting the weathering effects of each of the four seasons shown on the same subject, the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G from Border Model. With this brand-new perspective, these world class authors show you the differences resulting from specific atmospheric conditions typical of different seasons. This issue will help you make educated choices and teach you how to use the appropriate products and modelling techniques for each seasonal element including when and where to use washable paint, how to use chipping fluid, benefits of dusting with pigments, fading with oils, and a wide range of enamel effects used in layers to convincingly finish any subject in any setting. In addition, you'll see how to paint a German BF-109 fighter operating in the stifling heat of the African desert, we'll show you how to make a realistic frigid scene with an atomic submarine locked up and icebound, as well as an oozing muddy autumn robot slogging through the muck and falling leaves.

Ammo By Mig - The Weathering Aircraft #13 - K.O.

The Weathering Aircraft, your favourite publication focused on the techniques of painting and weathering aircraft is proud to follow up with our thirteenth issue.
On this occasion, we will focus on the essential assembly steps required to depict crashed or abandoned aircraft. We show a full range of different techniques and materials, from the most commonly used and most effective to some household items that you can take advantage of for most projects. In this practical issue you will learn how to modify a kit to represent damage to both the airframe and other parts and components that must be altered separately.Of course, throughout the painting processes we will see how to simulate the weathering effects caused by the crash landing or the passage of time unique to era and scenario. This means that the building materials of the various machines shown and the weathering effects they are subjected to are each unique, even some even come from a galaxy far, far away. For this issue, we gathered teaching tools and inspiration from some best modellers around, each has contributing their unique style to help you to enjoy beautiful and accurate K.O. subjects even more.

Ammo By Mig - How to Paint with Oils - AMMO Modeling Guide

Oils are one of the most versatile types of paint, offering a greater variety of painting and weathering effects for scale modelling. However, they remain a mystery to many modellers, who only know of a specific technique or even consider oils to be a product exclusively applicable to Fine Arts.
Oil paints offer many advantages when it comes to recreating a wide variety of effects; their much slower drying time compared to other paint mediums and their finely ground pigment allow for the creation of colour gradations, stains, and all kinds of dirt effects on vehicles and figures. However, regular artist oils also have disadvantages when applied to modelling, they have been designed with Fine Arts in mind and thus to be applied on an absorbent canvas substrate, not on scale models.We at AMMO have developed a special type of oils, the Oilbrushers, improved and adapted to scale modelling, featuring less oil and a faster drying time. The oil colours sold by other modelling brands are just regular artists´ oils in a different container, whereas the Oilbrushers offer you a new formulation specially designed to achieve the best results on your models while saving a considerable amount of time.
In addition, many different painting techniques and effects can be created with oils, some of which cannot be made using other mediums. In this book, we are going to show you the huge variety of effects that you can accurately reproduce, with oils in general and Oilbrushers in particular, on all types of models ranging from tanks and aircraft to figures and dioramas. You will learn how to apply the most common techniques such as blending, highlighting and shading, and you will also discover many others that can be used in combination with the standard enamel and acrylic techniques.Our excellent team of master modellers will show you all the secrets of painting with oils through more than 100 pages in a pleasant and easy to follow style with lots of high-quality photos and step-by-step processes. This guide is undoubtedly the compilation you need to master a product as necessary in today´s modelling scene as oil paints.

Ammo By Mig - Encyclopedia of Figures Modelling Techniques Vol. 1 - Colour, Shape, and Light

Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Figures is dedicated to learning the basic elements that each miniature painter works with: light, colour, form, and texture. This book is a definitive guide to understanding the secrets of illuminating a figure, combining colours, highlighting shapes, and enhancing textures in a practical and easy way.
A group of excellent painters from various countries have been selected for their mastery of the subjects developed in this book and have focused on the educational aspects to make the secrets of visual language understandable through spectacular images and revealing and entertaining step-by-step processes.
All the processes and techniques in the book are explained step by step with hundreds of photographs and high-quality tutorial images.
When you have finished reading this volume you will have expanded your ability to enjoy this small art and you will be able to value the work of the authors and others with a broader knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, you will enjoy the art of figure painting even more.
Texts, paintings and photos: Rodrigo Hernández Chacón, Krzysztof Kobalczyk, Roman Gruba, Rubén Martínez Arribas, Dimitry Fesechko and David Arroba

Ammo By Mig - Solution Book - How To Paint IDF Vehicles

This book is part of the "HOW TO PAINT IDF VEHICLES" Solution Box
SOLUTION BOX is a basic and simple guide to follow, allowing any modeler to create effects and finishes similar to those of the examples shown. It does not matter if you are a beginner who has just started building models, or a more advanced and experienced modeler.
With this guide, you can achieve amazing effects with very little effort by following a few simple steps. The new design style of the SOLUTION BOOK will allow you to follow each step in a simple and intuitive way without texts by using a simple set of icons that will provide you with precise instructions at a glance for every step. Following this guide, you will be able to paint any IDF vehicle.
Although we have chosen a Merkava Mk. 2B from TAKOM as the example to show all the required steps, you must keep in mind that the same processes can be applied in the same manner and in the same order for any IDF vehicle, no matter if it is a truck, jeep, armoured vehicle, or an artillery piece. Now simply choose your favourite model and start painting it right now!


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Zvezda 1/35 German SdKfz 251/10 Ausf B Personnel Carrier w/37mm Gun

Zvezda 1/72 Soviet Petlyakov Pe2 Dive Bomber

Zvezda 1/72 Russian SU57 Fifth-Generation Fighter

Ammo by Mig - Figures Set - Luftwaffe WW2 Pilots

This set includes 4 colours for the flight suit used by Luftwaffe pilots during World War II. The colours have been selected through rigorous research of period uniforms, allowing you to accurately paint the base tones of the crew figures, add highlights, and enhance details.

Includes the colours:

  • AMMO.F-518 Marine Blue
  • AMMO.F-523 Uniform Blue
  • AMMO.F-524 Light Sky Blue
  • AMMO.F-525 Medium Blue

Ammo by Mig - Figures Set - RAF WW2 Pilots

This set includes 4 colours for the flight suit used by RAF pilots during World War II. The colours have been selected through rigorous research of the period uniforms, allowing you to accurately paint the base tones of the crew figures, add highlights, and enhance details.

Includes colours:

  • AMMO.F-517 Pale Gold Yellow
  • AMMO.F-518 Marine Blue
  • AMMO.F-519 Sapphire Blue
  • AMMO.F-520 Deep Cobalt Blue

Ammo by Mig - Air Paint Set - RAF WW2 Desert Colors

This set solves the problem of choosing the correct colours for your models, saving valuable time. These colours are accurately and slightly lightened for scale reduction effect on any kit. All products are acrylic and have been formulated for maximum performance with either brush or airbrush and are water-soluble, odourless, and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate mixture. We recommend A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner for correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

Includes colours:

  • A.MIG-030 Sand Yellow
  • A.MIG-049 Red
  • A.MIG-070 Medium Brown
  • A.MIG-257 Azure Blue

Ammo by Mig - Air Paint Set - Spanish Civil War Nationalists

Includes four acrylic colours in convenient 17ml jars. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless-steel ball agitator to facilitate mixture. They are water soluble, odourless, and non-toxic. We recommend using A.MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for the best thinning results. Dries completely in 24 hours.

Includes the colours:

  • A.MIG-0065 RLM62 Forest Green
  • A.MIG-0110 RLM61 SCC 1A (British brown 1941-42)
  • A.MIG-0231 RLM65 Hellblau
  • A.MIG-0266 RLM63 Hellgrau

Ammo by Mig - Solutions Box - WW2 German Late Colors and Weathering System

The box includes the necessary and most appropriate products to recreate the effects shown in the painting guide. If you adhere to the order of application instructions and stipulated drying times, you will be rewarded with great results. Now you can enjoy the experience and results of being guided by the hand of an expert modeller!

Included products:

  • A.MIG-0002 Olivgrün Opt.2
  • A.MIG-0011 Dunkelgelb AUS`44 DGI
  • A.MIG-0015 Schokobraun
  • A.MIG-0036 Old Wood
  • A.MIG-0044 Chipping
  • A.MIG-0045 Gun Metal
  • A.MIG-1000 Brown Wash for German Dark Yellow
  • A.MIG-1408 Fresh Engine Oil
  • A.MIG-1510 TAN for 3 Tone Camo
  • A.MIG-1704 Heavy Earth
  • A.MIG-1750 Dry Earth
  • A.MIG-2016 Transparator
  • A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner 35 Ml
  • A.MIG-2023 One Shot Primer Black
  • A.MIG-3013 Rubble
  • A.MIG-3021 Polished Metal
  • A.MIG-3510 Rust;
  • A.MIG-3512 Dark Brown
  • A.MIG-3516 Dust
  • A.MIG-6503 How To Paint WWII German Late Book
  • A.MIG-8612 2/0 Syntetic Round Brush
  • A.MIG-8621 6 Syntetic Flat Brush

Ammo by Mig - Solutions Box - Imperial Galactic Fighters Colors and Weathering System

This box includes everything needed except the model kit!!! A great idea and solution for every enthusiast that wants to get initiated in modelling, and those that seek everything they may need in an all-inclusive box and avoid spending time selecting the products one by one.

Products included:

A.MIG-0032 Satin Black A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner
A.MIG-0097 Crystal Orange A.MIG-2024 One Shot Primer Greyl
A.MIG-0218 RLM 66 Schwartzgrau A.MIG-2055 Matt Lucky Varnish
A.MIG-0911 Grey Shine A.MIG-3020 Metal Slag
A.MIG-1009 Starship Wash A.MIG-3501 White
A.MIG-1209 Starship Streaking A.MIG-3532 Starship Bay Sludge
A.MIG-1502 Dark Grey for White A.MIG-8212 Aqua Gloss Clear ALC600
A.MIG-1615 PLW Stone Grey for Black A.MIG-8590 3.0 Synthetic Liner Brush
A.MIG-1617 PLW Blue Black A.MIG-8613 Synthetic Round Brush
A.MIG-2016 Transparator A.MIG-8620 Synthetic Flat Brush

Ammo by Mig - Spare Jars for Mixes (5 x 35ml Jars)

Store your paint mixes in these jars easily and efficiently. This pack contains 5 ready-to-use 35ml reusable bottles. The transparent container makes them perfect for clearly distinguishing the color and consistency of each mix. These bottles also have a safety cap for a completely airtight seal.

Hasegawa 1/700 Battleship Kongo

Hasegawa 1/700 Battleship Hiei

Hasegawa 1/700 Battleship Haruna

Hasegawa 1/700 Battleship Kirishima

Hasegawa 1/700 Battleship Ise

Hasegawa 1/700 Battleship Hyuga

Hasegawa 1/700 Aircraft Battleship Ise

Hasegawa 1/700 Aircraft Battleship Hyuga

Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shoho

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi 'Three Flight Deck'

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Heavy Cruiser Nachi

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Heavy Cruiser Haguro

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Heavy Cruiser Ashigara

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Heavy Cruiser Kinugasa

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Light Cruiser Tenryu

Hasegawa 1/700
IJN Light Cruiser Tatsuta

Hasegawa 1/700
Battleship USS Alabama


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Squadron Signal Books - F-111 AARDVARK in Action

The F-111, which ultimately proved to be a very capable fighter-bomber for the US and Australian Air Forces, was born out of the desire of Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara to force the USAF and the Navy to use a single aircraft for all tactical missions strike, close air support, air superiority and fleet air defense. The initial effort, called the Tactical Fighter Experimental, or TFX, was based largely on the Air Forces requirements, with a few adaptations to approximate the Navy's desires. The initial Air Force version of the aircraft would be the F-111A, while the Navy variant was the F-111B. Although General Dynamics was the prime contractor, the company had little recent experience in building carrier-borne aircraft, and turned to Grumman as a subcontractor for the assembly and testing of the Navy planes. The F-111 itself, the first production variable wing geometry aircraft, would have a remarkable 30+ year service history. During that time the aircraft was produced in five models, and modified and rebuilt into three additional models. Illustrated with over 200 color and B/W photos. 80 pages

Squadron Signal Books - F6F Hellcat In Action

Jim Sullivan and Charles Scrivner. Expanded Edition with more photos, updated content and 20 extra pages'. During World War II, the United States Navy needed a powerful fighter to counter the Japanese Zero. After their debut in combat in early 1943, Hellcats scored more than 5,000 confirmed kills with a 19-to-1 kill ratio. The folding-wing aircraft were capable of operating from carriers or land. Some were equipped with radar for night combat. The heavily-armed fighters could pack armament including six wing-mounted .50-caliber machine guns, 20mm cannons, wing-mounted rockets and a bomb rack. Flown by both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, the aircraft was also employed by the British Fleet Air Arm during World War II. France also made use of the aircraft after the war, employing it during the Indochina conflict in the early 1950s. In American service after the Second World War, remote-controlled versions of the aircraft were used to test atomic bomb blasts and as flying bombs. Illustrated with more than 200 photographs, color profiles, and detailed line drawings. 80 pages.

Squadron Signal Books - F4U Corsair in Action

Updated and expanded with 53 exciting new photographs in 16 all new, additional pages. Bringing to mind the exploits of 'Pappy' Boyington and his 'Blacksheep Squadron' and Tommy Blackburn with the 'Jolly Rogers,' the Corsair is among the most formidable US fighters of World War II. The F4U maintained a kill ratio of 11:1 according to the United States Navy and went on to serve American forces in Korea, holding its own in the early years of the jet age. The Corsair was first conceived as a high-speed, high-altitude fighter for the Navy in 1938 when Chance Vought's design team drew up plans for a fighter with a 1,800 hp engine and a huge 13-foot propeller. The Corsair's famous inverted gull wing design was introduced to allow prop clearance. Handling problems delayed the aircraft's deployment aboard carriers, but Marine Corps pilots quickly took to the powerful, rugged fighter and VMF-124, the first Marine squadron to fly the Corsair in combat, also produced the first Corsair air ace, Kenneth A. Walsh, by the summer of 1943. A total of 12,571 Corsairs were built between 1940 and 1952, most of them by Vought, but hundreds by Goodyear and Brewster as those companies' assembly lines had to be pressed into service to meet soaring demand for the remarkable aircraft. This exhaustive volume surveys the history of the Corsair from its first prototype to the restored warbirds that have continued to delight air show audiences down to the present day. Illustrated with 229 photographs, plus color profiles and detailed line drawings; 80 pages.

Squadron Signal Books - TBF/TBM Avenger In Action

TBF/TBM Avenger In Action. Book by David Doyle. Squadron Signal Books. The Avenger was the foremost Torpedo Bomber in the US Navy's arsenal during WWII. Designed by Grumman as a replacement for the Douglas TBD Devastator, Avenger production began prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and it remained in US Navy service until October 1954. Demand for the large torpedo bomber was so strong that General Motor's newly-formed Eastern Aircraft Division was contracted as a second source for the Avenger, ultimately accounting for more than half of the total production. In addition to its obvious use as a torpedo bomber, the Avenger also served as a horizontal bomber, dropping conventional bombs, as well as mines and notably, depth charges, while operating in an antisubmarine role. This all-new edition is filled with 212 vintage photos, 29 of them in color, these are augmented by five color profiles and a like number of detailed line drawings; 80 pages.

Bandai 1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #003 Aile Strike Gundam

Bandai 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #086 RX93 Nu Gundam

Minicraft 1/144 PBY5A Catalina Black Cat Aircraft

Minicraft 1/144 C47 Dakota USAF Aircraft

Minicraft 1/144 B24J Liberator USAF Aircraft

Minicraft 1/144 C118 Liftmaster USAF Aircraft

Minicraft 1/144 Avro Lancaster Mk 1 RAF Aircraft

Minicraft 1/144 KC97L Stratofreighter USAF Aircraft

Tamiya 1/48 P38F/G Lightning Fighter

This WWII fighter was a daring design with twin booms and a piston engine in each, plus a central nacelle which housed the cockpit and armament (machine guns and cannon in the nose). Introduced in June 1941, the aircraft went on to be used extensively in the Pacific through WWII. The F variant was manufactured from April 1942 onward, and featured pylons for 150-gallon drop tanks to make it capable of longer bombing missions. Later P-38Gs had more powerful engines and could carry bigger 300-gallon drop tanks. The P-38 was used for interception, dive bombing, level bombing, ground attack, night fighting, photo reconnaissance, radar and visual pathfinding for bombers and evacuation missions, and extensively as a long-range escort fighter when equipped with drop tanks under its wings.

• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 240mm, wingspan: 330mm.
• P-38F and P-38G variants can be built.
• The model creates a parked aircraft when assembled and complete.
• Features accurate depictions of early P-38 features such as slimline engine cowlings, intercoolers in leading edges, plus the curved canopy front.
• Weights are included in the kit to ensure correct balance of the model when displayed.
• The canopy can be assembled open or closed. When closed, it is a 1-part slide-molded piece with dedicated F and G variant parts. The hatch is shown open sideways on the P-38F, and vertically on the P-38G.
• A detailed cockpit features the wheel-type controls, radio, throttle box and more.
• Comes with parts to recreate two each of 150- and 300-gallon drop tanks.
• Includes two marking options: “White 147” P-38G which took part in the interception of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in April 1943 and “White 33” P-38F
• Mirror stickers are included to recreate cockpit mirror and engine cowling interior surface sections.
• Comes with canopy masking stickers and a full-color painting guide.

Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.142 StuG.III Ausf.B

Dragon’s popular and new generation StuG.III series already includes 1/35 scale kits of the Ausf.A, C/D, E, F and G. The last one waiting in the wings was the Ausf.B, and now it’s here! Armed with a short-barreled 7.5cm StuK.37 gun of L/24 caliber, the 20.2-ton assault gun was widely used by Sturmartillerie batteries in campaigns such as the Balkans and the invasion of Russia. As to be expected, the new kit is cleverly based on foregoing family members, but it also has a host of new parts specifically created for this early variant of German assault gun. An example is the hatches on top of the fighting compartment superstructure, which are different to those on any other StuG.III variant. Also new for this release are optional spare-track brackets on the front of the right-hand fender, these being made from photo-etched metal parts. Also new are photo-etched clasps for the front fenders. This magnificent Smart Kit contains a full fighting compartment interior. Dragon’s new generation of StuG.IIIs is now fully present and correct!

Dragon 1/72 Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C with 3.7cm PaK 36 (2in1)

German's Sd.Kfz.251 halftrack series proved highly versatile throughout WWII, and numerous variants were produced over the course of its life. One version is Sd.Kfz.251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen, which was issued to combat engineers in Panzerpionier companies. This new Sd.Kfz.271/7 Ausf.C version offers two options for modelers to build either a normal 251/7 w/MG or a special one with 3.7cm PaK 36 mounted on the front.

PLA Editions - Dioramag Volume 4

3 THE KISS by Mirko Brechmann
10 DIORAMA CLASSICS: Marijn Van Gils
16 WAVE BREAKER by JB Diorama
22 CONCEALMENT by Hyun Soo Kim
30 SHOWCASE DIORAMAG: Alexander Lautsch
36 OPERATION CYCLONE by Maxi Fernández
52 YOUNG SPIRIT by Óscar Ebrí Casola
70 DUEL IN THE MIST by Roel Geutjens
80 AT-AT by Marcela Dostálová
88 SHOWCASE DIORAMAG: Nikos Kosmadakis
92 pages – Soft Bound – All texts in English

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